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Chet Mancini

Engineer, philosopher, adventurer.

I’m a polyglot data engineer living in NYC. I work for a startup called Simon Data, a next generation marketing tool, doing engineering and predictive analytics.

Of particular interest to me is the intersection of computer science, data science, and philosophy. What are the epistomological gains and limitations of big data? How does the explosion of data contribute to or threaten human flourishing?

My open source code is available on Github. My resume is on LinkedIn. I post photos of my adventures around NYC and the globe on my photo tumblr blog, Freshtracks. Most of my opinions and best links made their way to Twitter, and you’re welcome to follow me there.

I’m a passionate skier and cycler. In the winter I’m scouting powder, and in the summer I bike all over Brooklyn on a fixed gear (and am a featured rider at CyclerStyle).